When it comes to social media videos, they’re either super static, or over the top professional. Now with the Belkin Magnetic Face Tracking Mount you can get a touch of professional movement into your videos for just $80!

This thing is ridiculously well priced given what it does.

Using an app on your iPhone, a Bluetooth connection between phone and mount is established. Your Phone sits on the mount using the magnets in MagSafe like mounts so an iPhone 12 just clicks on.

From there, in the app you choose front or rear camera, then choose the app you want to film with.

This kicks off a “Screen recording” request, which means the Belkin App is seeing the screen output, but not restricting any camera app from filming.

When you launch any app with a camera use, you just appear in frame, and then it will follow you around.

I tried this with a LIVE broadcast on TikTok, I’ve made a couple of videos using the tracking, and even my review video uses the tracking camera

It’s really so simple, but actually remarkable.

Just three AA batteries, and an app. Done.

The best results are achieved with slow and consistent motion. The mount tends to move rapidly when it re-establishes a lost face, but you get used to that pretty quick.

I would imagine we’re going to see a lot of “influencers” getting this for their production arsenal. Just under $80 and you have the ability to walk across frame? Very very cool.

Because the phone just sits there, you can also attach a microphone input if you choose, I did that with my Live broadcast, but not in static videos. Highly recommended for quality.

Pick one up at Harvey Norman, JB HiFi or Belkin