It doesn’t matter if you are printing at home or at your office, that device is a workhorse and for those that use it daily want reliability. For those that print now and then, they want it to just work. HP’s new HP+ printer program is set to offer peace of mind no matter what size printer you need.

While the name might seem like a “subscription” it certainly isn’t. HP+ is an option on activation of a range of new HP printer which offer incremental benefits like extended support or online services.

Importantly, it helps push forward the also recent HP Instant Ink program. Instant Ink is a subscription service which ensures you’ve always got Ink handy when you need to print.

Any printer you buy that is HP+ compatible will also come with six months complementary access to the Instant Ink program. After that six months, you can choose to cancel your subscription and buy ink at the shops the old fashioned way, or keep receiving your direct to the door ink.

There’s no cost to HP+ – the only cost is if you continue to use the Instant Ink service after the included six months.

Critically, buying a HP+ compatible printer also offers you an extra year of HP Customer support, with two years in total.

Finally, by connecting your new printer to the HP+ service, you are ensuring your printer always has the latest software, and is available as a smart online printer at all times. Printing when you’re at home from any mobile device, or when you’re not at home.

It’s a simple branding program that ensures that if you choose a HP+ enabled printer, you’re getting the best services available on a HP printer.

We’ll have a full review of a HP+ enabled printer soon, having just installed one in the Long household in the midst of a home schooling marathon.

For more info – see HP online

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