JBL has announced new updates to their Tune headphone range with four entirely new headphones and as JBL are want to do, the prices are incredibly competitive.

The new JBL wireless headphones are the JBL TUNE 510BT, TUNE 710BT, TUNE 660NC and the TUNE 760NC and offer a wide range of features across their entire price range.

“The Tune Series has been designed for those who want impressive features and performance in their headphones, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on them. You get JBL quality and Pure Bass sound from these Bluetooth headphones and some offer Active Noise Cancellation but at a sharp price that wont break the budget”, says Marcus Fry, General Manager of Harman AUNZ.


The TUNE 510BT are on-ear Bluetooth headphones with Bluetooth 5.0 which promises high quality wireless streaming along with JBL’s Pure Bass sound. The Bluetooth 5.0 support also allows for multi-point connection — connect to more than one Bluetooth device and switch between them seamlessly.

Although the TUNE 510BT are lightweight, comfortable and foldable, they are still able to offer up to 35hrs of battery life of playback. Run them out and you can charge them back all the way to full in just two hours — five minutes charging will give you an additional two hours of playback.

As with most JBL products these days, they support your smart device’s voice assistant as well. The TUNE 510BT are their entry-level product and will set you back just $79.95 at retailers.


The TUNE 710BT are their next step up in quality, offering over-ear Bluetooth wireless headphones and also come with JBL’s Pure Bass sound, high quality wireless streaming and multi-point connection abilities.

The 710BT offer an impressive 50 hours of wireless playback with the battery fully recharged in two hours and 5 minutes of charging this time offering three hours of playback. The headphones come with a detachable audio cable so you can continue to use the headphones even with the battery run flat.

With support for your device’s digital voice assistant you can easily control calls, manage the playback and volume with the dedicated voice assistant button on the right earcup.

The TUNE 710BT will set you back just $129.95 from JBL online and various retailers.


As the name suggests the JBL TUNE 660NC is yet another step up in wireless headphones, offering active noise cancelling extremely affordable price. These on-ear headphones offer an impressive 35 hours of playback — all of that with ANC active at all times. If you want even more battery life (because 35 hours isn’t enough?), you can get up to 48 hours of Bluetooth playback with the ANC turned off.

Included is the JBL Pure Bass sound, isolated from your surroundings by the ANC. Charging is once again provided by the USB-C connection with 5 minutes of charging offering two full hours of playback — or you can listen endlessly using the detachable cable provided.

Once again full support for your digital assistant is included with a dedicated button on the ear cup along with Bluetooth 5.0 features such as high quality sound and multi-point connectivity.

The JBL TUNE 660NC will set you back just $149.95, an impressive price for active noise cancelling headphones.


The TUNE 760NC are the top end of JBL’s TUNE range, offering ANC in over the ear headphones. Combining all of the features of the 660NC with over ear headphones they promise the same impressive sound and the same impressive battery life.

With 35 hours of ANC playback or 50 hours of Bluetooth only playback the headphones offer long playback times and the comfort of over ear headphones, all in an affordable package. There is once again the same charging support, multi-point pairing and digital assistant support seen in the other TUNE headphones announced.

The TUNE 760NC also include Google Fast Pair allowing for super easy and fast pairing with your Android device along with the ability to pair to multiple devices just by tapping on the device’s display.

Lightweight and foldable the JBL TUNE 760NC promise to offer great value for money, setting you back just $199.95.

For more information on any of the above headphones head on over to the JBL website.