Apple’s smartwatch is now six years old, and well overdue for a re-design and this morning we got the official details on what the Apple Watch Series 7 will look like, it’s new features and when it will go on sale in Australia.

Apple Watch Series 7 features a similar basic look but a huge bump in the size of the screen inside the body. No sign of the rumored “square edges” that many expected.

That screen now pushes to within 1.7mm of the edge of the watch, which while no exact details were given, appears to be slightly larger overall.

The Apple Watch Band sizes don’t change, with the same connection size working from previous generations through to the Apple Watch Series 7, though there are – of course – a huge range of new bands coming with this launch.

Continuing their push to market the Apple Watch as the ultimate health and fitness device, Apple Watch Series 7 highlights new cycling capabilities of Watch OS, for both on-road and off-road cycling. This is not just a software offering though, thinking about those unfortunate moments on the mountain bike track, Apple Watch is now more durable, featuring a “crack resistant” screen – as well as IP6X dust resistance, and still WR50 Water Resistance.

The larger screen also allows for larger buttons on apps making easier touch and navigation, as well as a new full keyboard when composing messages.

The all-new Apple Watch Series 7 goes on Sale in Australia in the next two months.

We’ll update pricing here when available.