Apple has this morning announced another online event scheduled for next Tuesday morning Australian time with the headline “Unleashed.”

It’s a simple word, which of course could mean anything, But the common belief among observers of Apple is that we’ll see new Apple Silicon within higher powered Macs.

A 14 inch and 16 inch MacBook pro are the most rumoured devices, likely to offer some of the highest performance for the pro users.

While there’s no indication of what else might come, it makes sense for Apple to bring this newer and more high-performance silicon – likely to be called the M1X processor to other form factors.

A Mac Mini Pro, even a new iMac Pro would be well received, but given the global silicon and supply shortages, they could well be left for 2022.

Finally, Apple’s AirPods are getting long in the tooth, and are well overdue an update at the entry level, though needing an event for this is unlikely.

Expect a very nerd heavy pro level announcement, 4am, Tuesday October 19.

By the way, this is one of the shortest notice periods Apple has ever given for an event – as strange as that is, take from that what you will.