So many of us are using their home PCs more than ever and will likely continue to do so. As such many are in the search for a new powerful PC for their home office, powerful enough for all their computing needs. Today Dell has announced an update to their XPS desktop with a new, more powerful desktop complete with an improved airflow and cooling functionality.

The new desktop is much larger than the previous XPS desktop — a whopping 42% bigger (27L vs 19L) — and brings with that larger case “more robust cooling architecture”. The new desktop looks be a jack of all trades with the performance capabilities for those intense video editing and gaming scenarios.

Powered by the new 12th generation Intel Core desktop processor (up to i9) its graphics chops are enabled by its support for either NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 30 Series GPUs (up to a 3090) or AMD Radeon™ RX GPUs (up to a 6900 XT) — capable of coping with just about anything. Add in DDR5 memory and you could have an extremely powerful workhorse able to cope with anything in your office.

Like the new Aurora, air colling is encouraged from front to back resulting in the new XPS desktop being 21% cooler than the previous generation due in part to higher RPM fans that operate more efficiently at slower speeds for a quieter performance.

Once again, the XPS desktop is highly customisable to the system can grow along with your needs and requirements. CPU, GPU, memory, and storage can all be upgraded as newer technologies become available, scaling the XPS to be always current. The system supports up to 350W graphics, plus support for PCIe5 graphics and four storage bays and three PCIe expansion slots giving you plenty of options and room to upgrade as required.

The new XPS desktop comes in a choice of black (Night Sky) or white (Platinum Silver) colour and will be available early next year, running Windows 11 out of the box. The Australian pricing is unknown at this stage but with it starting at US$919, expect it to start around the $1,500 mark for us when it lands here.