Bond University has today released the research from its Digital Australia 2022 (DA22) report showing that they found that three quarters of Australian gamers connected with others while gaming during the pandemic.

Not only did 75% connect with others while gaming but 70% of participants lived in an area that experienced lockdowns. Unsurprisingly, more than a third of these played more video games with so many people into gaming that the report found that Aussies preferred gaming to watching free-to-air TV for the first time ever. Streaming TV and movies was the most preferred option with gaming coming in second.

The report showed that the use of video games by Australians allowed them to be able to maintain mental health and social activities. The use of video games to inspired creativity in Australians with not just games themselves but also concerts within games, creating mods and watching streamers popular.

The average age of Australian gamers is now 35 years old with the average user having played games for around 12 years, now at an average of 83 minutes per day. Nearly half of the Aussie gamers were female as well which is great to see.

Other findings in the report were:

  • 74 percent said video games could help continue social connections and maintain relationships with friends and family
  • 49 percent of parents play online games with their children, a six percent increase from DA20
  • Playing video games to keep the mind active was the number one reason older Australians turned to gaming, and moved to the second highest reason Australians overall play video games during the pandemic
  • Retirement age adults played for 61 minutes a day on average, a two-minute increase from DA20
  • Almost half of adult players have watched esports online, the main reason being for social connections.

In the end it seems the result is clear. With the pandemic not over just yet we all need to start gaming much more to help with our social interactions and mental health. Seems like a great solution to me.