We’ve seen a few health monitoring companies suggest that their devices could be used to help diagnose the early signs of COVID-19 in the past 18 months. Samsung has now partnered with Deakin University, National Trauma Research Institute (NTRI), and SaniteX Global to launch the trial of Vital Monitoring System (VMS) on their Galaxy Watch4 for a COVID-19 screening solution.

The VMS is designed to help workers return to work safely with the Galaxy Watch4’s heart rate and SpO2 sensors part of the overall solution. The addition of the measurements from the Watch4 are applied to the VMS solution to determine if someone is safe to attend work.

Every morning the user will receive a text message directing them to complete the VMS survey which will include questions such as the presence of body aches, headaches or sore throat or any other COVID-19 symptoms. The physical measurements collected by the Galaxy Watch4 will be incorporated directly into the VMS questionnaire. If someone passes, they will receive a QR code “granting them access to the workplace.”

The Samsung Galaxy Watch4 is designed to work best in conjunction with a Samsung smartphone but the trial will use the Watch4 as a standalone device to enable it to be used more widely. The VMS solution will be integrated into the Watch4 itself so that people can complete the entire questionnaire on the watch.

As we move forward with COVID-19, where positive results will continue to exist it will be important to monitor patients to determine when they are well enough to return to work, frontline workers in particular.

“Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been faced with considerable unknowns. That will continue as we move into the next stages of COVID-19 recovery, however, screening measures will play an imperative role in the recovery process. VMS has been built with that exact purpose in mind and we’re delighted to partner with Samsung to tap into the capabilities of its Galaxy Watch4, which truly complements the VMS solution.”

Dr Carl Luckhoff, Acting Director of Emergency at Alfred Health

The VMS partnership with Samsung and the Galaxy Watch4 will allow for some of these measurements to be collated automatically leading to a much greater compliance of return-to-work solutions. Of course, if this makes it through the trial stage someone is going to have to fork out for the costs of a Galaxy Watch4 which is yet another COVID-related cost.

With COVID-19 set to be part of our lives in the foreseeable future it is likely that many of us and/or our colleagues will catch it. Before returning to work it is important that we are no longer symptomatic nor contagious. The VMS solution with the aid of the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 aims to help us return to work safely, not just for us but also our friends, family, and work colleagues.