Apple Music is now available on PS5 and while you might think that’s just a way to get your music on the TV, it’s just as much about enjoying your music while you play your PS5 games.

The entire 90 million song library is available through the existing Music function on the PS5, from which you can choose the music, playlist or recommendations.

Selecting and playing music can be done from the Music tab before you play, while you play or after you play.

By enabling Background Music Play, you can listen to playlists as you game, perhaps having made a specific list of tunes for certain games to get you pumped.

When not in gameplay, you can also watch music videos from the Apple Music library in full screen on your TV, and if you choose to go back to your gameplay while watching a video, the audio can continue to play without interruption.

If you want to get cracking, you can download the Apple Music app from the Media space on PS5.