Apple’s latest HomePods will be available from today with the new colours adding a splash of flare to your home.

Yellow, Orange and Blue are the colours, and while you could buy one or more of a single colour, its actually really nice seeing them together.

They work as a single, or stereo pair, and when paired they really do produce a cracking sound.

I’ve had the yellow (left) and orange (right) blaring behind me all day and while it’s not the loudest music I’ve ever had it is a big sound, with no distortion.

For a speaker this size, there’s far cheaper products out there. When it comes to smart speakers, Google’s Nest and Amazon’s echo will be a third the price, and frankly offer more smarts.

However, Apple’s HomePod is the dominant one for quality. These little spheres run laps around Google and Amazon for music quality.

Music is Siri’s best trick, though with a really good smart home setup, you can also do simple things like room to room announcements and even announcements from your phone or watch into the home, and of course controlling your smart home lights and other products.

You’ll find the HomePod Mini for $149 at Apple or other retailers such as JB HiFi