I’m still in awe of the Galaxy Z range of devices from Samsung – foldable screens? I mean come on, it’s impressive stuff. But when you move past the awe, there’s something utterly practical about them too.

When it comes to the Galaxy Z Fold3 it’s the ultimate versatile and practical device.

It’s hard to even call it a phone – that’s the least of its features, but yep, it’s a smartphone that opens out and folds open to give you a mega 7.6 inch screen for a whole different “smartphone” experience.

What has impressed me most about the new Galaxy Z Fold3 is the steps forward made in the engineering of the device, while improving feature and functionality at the same time.

Here’s an example, you’ve got here a foldable phone – in it of itself a remarkable thing – with an under-screen camera. What that means is you can take selfies with the device unfolded, and there’s a camera there, but when you’re using the device reading websites or otherwise, the camera is barely visible. It’s covered by pixels so if you’re in a browser it’s white, looking at photos, the photo is covering the camera. Remarkable really, and I love that we’re seeing this kind of technology in Samsung’s most innovative product.

That display is also improved overall too, now 29% brighter, while consuming less power overall so it’s not an additional drain on the battery.

Both the front and inside screens have a 120Hz adaptive refresh rate for the smoothest scrolling and viewing experience – again, something only flagship phones are offering.

But if you buy a Samsung Galaxy Fold3 you really need to take the time to learn the features that it packs which you won’t see on any other device. Things like Flex Mode. This is where the phone is half open, side-on it looks like an L shape. Like this, you can have a video call on the top screen, while also taking notes on the bottom screen, which by the way you can do with a Samsung S Pen.

The other thing to learn is multi-active window mode. This allows you to have open multiple apps, like text messages in one window, with your calendar in another. This makes it easier to quickly arrange meetings, or dinner, or any plans with the family.

If you do this a lot, Samsung’s App Pair technology which they’ve used on a lot of devices in recent years comes into its own on the Galaxy Z Fold3. With App Pair you pick two apps that you always like to use side by side, let’s say Messages and Calendar, or Word and Internet browser.

They launch in the split window mode you like, so you can quickly make those plans, or write those notes while researching.

I get that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 might not be for everyone, some of us want a thinner smaller phone (for me that’s the Galaxy Z Flip3), but for those who live on their mobile and want to be the most productive they can when on their mobile device, the Z Fold3 ticks all the boxes.

Plus, what is most staggering of all, is all of those features, innovations and technology are in a form factor that is thinner and lighter than the previous Fold devices.

Those I’ve spoken to who purchased a Galaxy Z Fold now swear by them, in the same way that many Samsung Galaxy Note owners over the years would never buy anything else, the Fold is creating the same loyalty among its owners.

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