Home Internet is something that most people struggle to get full value out of their plans with. Many of us pay for plans with higher speeds (and costs) that we don’t really need. For those who don’t need the faster NBN speeds Vodafone has introduced a new 4G Home Internet plan.

The new plan is available for just $50 per month for existing mobile customers (the price includes a $10 per month discount) — non-Vodafone customers will have to fork out $60 per month — and is something you can set up yourself without the help of ay professionals. Of course, do not expect gigabit speeds with this new plan but the 4G connection provides speeds of up to 20Mbps of unlimited data.

Those who connect using this plan and stay for 24 months will receive a free modem. Customers will also get their first month free of plan fees so you can test the new plan for yourself at no cost to see if it fits and suits your needs. To avoid device charges you will need to return the modem “in good working order” within 10 days of cancellation.

According to Group Executive Consumer, Kieren Cooney, the new plan uses the mobile network for home broadband and is designed to offer customers simplicity of set up and use and a peace of mind that it will always be operational.

“This new Home Internet plan gives our customers what they are looking for – quality and affordable wi-fi in their home that doesn’t require you to wait to get connected,” Mr Cooney said.

The 20Mbps speeds capable with the new 4G Home Internet plan are still able to accommodate surfing and streaming of media online such as Netflix and more so it could well be a great opportunity for those who want a cheap and simple but effective Internet service at their home — and never have to worry about data limits. 

Of course, you will need to have 4G coverage at your home. You can check coverage and sign up to the new plan — and remember you get the first month free of plan fees so there’s nothing stopping you testing it out — over at Vodafone’s 4G internet page.