Security cameras have become one of the must have gadgets for home owners in recent years, a huge range of products on the markets and while many are hard to differentiate, the Arlo Secure subscription seems to be a winner for their customers with a milestone 1 Million subscribers.

With Arlo, you’re buying a solid bit of hardware, fantastic quality, and the option of the Arlo Secure service which gives 2K or 4K cloud recordings for 30 days.

Arlo’s Brad Little says “The acceleration of our subscriber base continues with paid accounts nearly doubling since March 2021,”

“Achieving this milestone faster than forecasted demonstrates Arlo’s ability to provide trusted smart home security solutions that address fundamental customer needs. The recent launch of Arlo Secure, shows our focus on innovation remains as we create value for our service offerings. We are proud to play such an important role in our customers’ lives.”

For those buying a new Arlo camera, you get a three month trial of Arlo Secure Plus, after that, you pay $4.49 per month or $14.99 for unlimited cameras at home.

If you want to know the full range of features of Arlo Secure – here they are:

  • 2K (Arlo Secure) and 4K (Arlo Secure Plus) Cloud-based Video Recording– View 30 days of recordings securely stored on Arlo’s Smart Cloud platform for ultimate peace of mind and protection even if the device is damaged or stolen in a break-in, storm or other physical incident.
  • Unlimited Cameras– Users can enjoy Arlo Secure service for all cameras in their home with one all-encompassing plan. Add new Arlo cameras for no additional charge.
  • Advanced Object Detection– Arlo processes and filters 50 million events each day through advanced object detection backed by visual artificial intelligence, allowing for better recognition of people, packages, vehicles, and animals to add key context to notifications and reduce unwanted alerts.
  • Smart Interactive Notifications– Users can take quicker action by responding to rich notifications or viewing an animated preview of a notification video through the lock screen on their smartphone or other smart device.
  • Smoke and CO Alarm Detection– Get notified when the camera hears a smoke or CO alarm triggered.
  • Cloud-based Activity Zones– Users can reduce unwanted notifications by highlighting specific areas on their property where they want motion to be detected.
  • Call a Friend– Customers can instantly call a friend through the Arlo App from their notification screen with one tap.
  • 24/7 Priority Support– Subscribers get priority technical support through the in-app Help Center with omni-channel access to phone, chat, Community, or self-help articles.

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