In 2014 when we first started the EFTM Best Awards, the Nissan GT-R took the title of Best of the Best – because of the smile it left on my face and the constant hope I’d get to drive one again and again and again.

Since then, this award has gone to the iPhone 12, the LG Wallpaper TV, the Jaguar F-Type and even the Ferrari California T.

Each standout things we’ve seen, used or driven in the year past. That’s what this award is.

Well, if we were hanging up the awards for good and had to give a best of the best of the best out – this year’s winner would be the one.

The Porsche Taycan is something special. And it’s not just me that thinks that.

There are over 900 of these on the roads in Australia. Quite likely other than Tesla, the best selling electric car going round.

That’s $180,000,000 reasons why this is a great car, endorsed by the cold hard cash of buyers.

Without question, the EFTM Best of the Best for 2021 is the Porsche Taycan. And it is even more so because we’ve never given any product car or thing two awards in one year before. So that’s saying something, I broke my own rules to applaud this car again.