Google’s game went from the minor league to the major league this year in terms of hardware and devices. They really seem to have it all together.

In fact, that “all together” concept is key, with their own Tensor processor, their own design, their own phone from top to bottom – inside and out.

And it’s that perfect package that led myself, Scott and Dan to agree that the Google Pixel 6 is worthy of something more than just a category award here.

We gave them Innovation for the Magic Eraser, something that got them attention. But deep below that and around that is a well sorted phone.

Its design, its features and its performance.

That’s why we chose it for our premium EFTM Best Tech award.

Now, we didn’t give it Best Smartphone – for two reasons, one, we don’t like to often double down on awards. Secondly, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is in a class of its own on value and innovation.

This award is for the overall package of the Google Pixel 6 and how it presents Google as a more viable contender in this space than ever before.