After the success of the initial launch of the Unagi scooter in Australia, a second model has hit the market offering a heap of features, great speed, but also the same portability for a commuter mobility solution. The Model One E350 is now available at JB HiFi.

The key difference between what we first saw as just the “Unagi” scooter (formally the Model One E500), and the latest Model One E350 is this model is a single 350W rear motor, as opposed to dual 250W motors.

This model is also available in a single “Gotham” grey colour, and appears to feature more speed modes, including a clearly defined pedestrian mode for slow speed riding on busy streets.

Performance figures seem similar to the bigger brother, with the Unagi torque off the line still present, it’s likely this one will still kick the butts of many others.

Importantly, it’s light and portable at just under 12kg, and folding down faster and easier than any other scooter we’ve tried.

I can’t say how it will go next to it’s sibling model at this stage, but on style and portability it’s a winner for sure.

RRP is $1,299, but it’s already at a staggering $899 at JB HiFi