At the end of each year we see various streaming services release their year in review, but it is often just a general year in review for the entire service. YouTube Music on the other hand, release a year in review for you, based on your listening preferences throughout that year. Today they are starting to roll out users’ 2021 Recap via the YouTube Music app.

Your 2021 Recap will only appear in the app itself and if you try to get to it via the website it will just direct you back to the app where it may be (it hasn’t appeared in mine just yet) but eventually will land there. Within your recap you will be shown shareable stats of your year along with a personalised playlist to help you relive your year in music for 2021.

The stats the recap will show you include you top artists, songs, music videos and playlists but there will also be a section to show top playlists made by other YouTube Music listeners. Any and all of the above can be easily shared using the arrow at the bottom of your stats card.

Those who like to discover new music can also hit play on the “Hits of 2021” for some of 2021s biggest hits. For those who prefer specific genres there are also 2021 highlights playlists for Rock, Country, HipHop, Latin and more. Often we forget that YouTube Music is also designed to deliver music videos and not just songs and you can check out the year’s hottest music videos within the app.

If you are an avid YouTube Music consumer head on into your YouTube Music app and check out your 2021 year in review — expect it to land in the coming days if it isn’t there already. You may be surprised what you listened to or find something you loved but had totally forgotten about — for me it’s some Aussie HipHop including OneFour and Chillinit. What was your hottest find for the year?