Leaders in DIY Home Security, Arlo have announced their latest innovation, the Arlo Security System, at CES picking up a 2022 CES Innovation Award in the process.

The Arlo Security System is a natural progression for Arlo, building on their range of excellent cameras. The Security System includes an all-in-one sensor with eight different functions and an NFC enabled security hub with keypad, which will allow you to quiet alarms with a tap of your phone.

The battery powered multi-sensors are fairly small, measuring just 1.1-inches (2.794 cm) and can be placed just about anywhere. The multi-sensors offer improved functionality over single sensor systems with the Arlo sensor able to detect motion, door/window openings and tilt, water leaks, light/temperature changes, and T3 and T4 smoke/CO alarm patterns.

Tim Johnston, SVP of Product at Arlo said

We engineered the Arlo Security System to not only complete Arlo’s ecosystem but to address pain points common with other solutions on the market. 

Additionally, the system seamlessly works with existing Arlo security camera devices in a user’s household to layer on important information for complete, whole-home peace of mind – a benefit not available with competitive offerings.

The seamless integration will be improved by Arlo’s recent announcement they would be supporting the new Matter smart home standard being spearheaded by the likes of Apple, Google and Amazon. 

There’s no pricing or availability information for the Arlo Security System as yet.

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