Samsung is set to officially reveal their 2022 smartphone flagship in just a couple of weeks but of course that doesn’t stop rumours and leaks from continuing. Today we have seen images leak which may or may not be the Samsung Galaxy S22 smartphone series and if real there is definitely a different look to the flagship this year.

The three phones revealed are apparently the Galaxy S22, the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the Galaxy S22 Plus. If these are the official renders of the flagships there are distinct design differences between the three S22 variants which can be seen in the images below.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra once again appears to house a quad rear camera setup but this time without the large camera module bump or island — although the lenses do appear to protrude out the back of the phone a bit. It will still make the phone difficult to place on its rear on a flat surface but cosmetically the design is much cleaner. The other two phones appear to have a smaller camera bump — which is strange as you’d think the phone with the larger number of cameras would be more in need of a larger camera island. The other two phones house a triple rear camera “only” and if these images demonstrate both the S22 and the S22 Plus there is no noticeable difference on the rear of them.

One reason for the lack of the camera bump on the S22 Ultra could be that due to its included S Pen stylus (pictured in the renders) it is already a thicker phone and thus does not need the extra room as it is already built into the body. The various colours of the phones can also be seen with burgundy, green, pink, black and white and although these options would be great it remains to be seen whether firstly these images are real and two whether all colour variants will make their way Downunder.

With Samsung announcing the Galaxy S22 series of smartphones on February 10 (Australia time) it won’t be long before we find out if these pictures are the real deal. We believe they are given the source (@Evleaks) and his accuracy with leaks over time. If you are looking for a new phone maybe keep your powder dry until you have seen what Samsung have to offer this year.