CES isn’t just about the TVs and gadgets we all want, it’s also about the gadgets we need like the new LG InstaView Double Oven range and Over-the-Range Microwave Oven which will feature seamless integration with the new LG ThinQ Recipe service.

The new Double Oven Range features the company’s InstaView tech you check out what’s cooking with a simple double-tap on the glass. The tap initiates the  internal lights so you can see your food without letting heat out by opening the door.

The range uses LG ProBake Convection technology that offers accurate air-flow and heating and drives the LG Air Fry and Air SouVide modes which let you fry foods with less oil, or cook vacuum sealed bags of food using low temperatures and precisely controlled airflow.

LG’s Over-the-Range Microwave Ovens have a minimalist design that uses LG WideView Window and incorporate a new slide-out ExtendaVent that reduces any lingering odours or smoke in the kitchen. LG has included an easy to clean interior with a coating reducing the amount of grease or food that will stick to the walls.

The ThinQ Recipe Service will let users search, plan, purchase and cook hundreds  of recipes using smart  kitchen  services  and  content  from  LG  and  their  partners. The service will be limited by regional availability, but we’ll likely see some localisations when the service launches.

There’s no details on local pricing or availability for the new LG range as yet.

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