Mechanical keyboards are the in thing now — they are everywhere and with their ability to change their key colours easily along with that satisfying typewriter clickety clack and often striking appearance sees them appearing in all the social feeds. Logitech are aiming to capture part of this trend with their colourful wireless compact mechanical keyboards — the Pop Keys. Of course, what good is a colourful keyboard without a matching mouse, which is where the Pop Mouse fits in.

Logitech Pop Keys

As mentioned above, the Pop Keys keyboard from Logitech is a compact, wireless, colourful mechanical keyboard. The keyboard is “compact” but not that much smaller than a full-size keyboard with a full dedicated function row which can also be customised to any function you prefer — the defaults from Logitech include a snip and sketch shortcut, media controls and mic mute.

The top row of keys also houses the device keys that tells the keyboard which device to connect to. There are three of these and thus it can easily and quickly switch from one connection to another to another as required. This is not unique to this keyboard but it is something I love in all of my current and former Logitech compact keyboards.

Logitech has also included five emoji keys on the right-hand side of the keyboard. These emoji key caps can be changed to other emoji key caps that Logitech has included in the box but more importantly, these emoji keys can be customised to whatever you want them to be — including whatever emoji but also various functions, macros and more.

The keys colours are striking. The version we were sent is the “Blast” colourway which is black, yellow and grey keys. Other options available for purchase are a lavender, lemon and green colour (Daydream) and a coral and raspberry colour (Heartbreaker). The escape key on each of the keyboards is also different with a metallic finish that is the colour of the emoji keys — it’s gold in our version.

The keyboard is a mechanical keyboard made up of TTC Brown switches — the loud version of mechanical switches. Overseas other colour switches are available but not here in Australia it seems. The mechanical keys give the keys a loud click clack sound but also a lot of travel which in my opinion is not ideal when it comes to large volumes of typing.

The packaging of the keyboard and is likely wasted on the youth — who this keyboard is targeted at. The keyboard is wrapped in a soft tissue paper and sealed with a colourful cardboard seal, as if you’d purchased something from an up-market store and they gift wrapped it for you.

The keys do lack a backlight which for me is a deal breaker but I dare say many using this will not be working in the dark and thus not require it to be essential. This is more a personal preference than an issue with the keyboard — at this price though you probably would expect backlit keys. The lack of a backlight of course aids in prolonging the battery lifespan though.

The Pop Keys are powered by a pair of AAA batteries which are not rechargeable which would have been nice but considering that Logitech state the batteries should last “up to 3 years” I don’t see the use of old school batteries such a bad thing.

The build quality is extremely solid. It is not a light keyboard at 779 grams so this is not going to be a keyboard that you carry around with you. The keys feel solid as well with very little wobble. As for connectivity, the Pop Keys keyboard can be connected using Bluetooth directly or using the USB dongle included in the box if your computer lacks Bluetooth.

How is it to type?

Typing is similar to any mechanical keyboards but in this case, there are round keys which seems to add some inaccuracy to the mix. I got used to typing on it but was still not as fast as my normal smaller-key-travel Logitech K810. Speed-wise I was able to get around 50-55wpm using an online typing test but in comparison, with my Logitech K810 I was able to consistently clock 65 words a minute.

Accuracy did suffer quite a bit due to either the round keys, the large travel distance and my lack of practice. The emoji keys are placed annoyingly next to the backspace and enter keys which are used quite a bit and thus I did accidentally press them mistakenly at times. After a lot more practice though the miss-types became less frequent.

I’m not the target market for this keyboard but I can see its use – younger kids who may not be great typists anyway, where the larger key travel will not slow them down much given they aren’t usually very fast typists anyway. Its colours are certainly something I can see a lot of kids liking – especially my 8 and 13 year old nieces (my son uses his gaming KB with cherry red switches and didn’t mind this keyboard for not just productivity work – the longer latency of this kb may impede your progress through the levels if you game with any seriousness at all).

The brown switches are the louderr mechanical (which is one reason why I pushed my son towards the red switches on his gaming kb – I hear enough of “Shoot him! Get him! Look out! Nooooooooooooooo!!” without adding loud keys to the mix).

Logitech Pop Mouse

Super comfortable and quiet. Miss my shortcut buttons that are on the MX Master – not entirely sure why a mouse needs an emoji shortcut button, but you can remap that button to other non-emoji functions should you feel the need. This is certainly something I feel the need to do and given the number of customisable keys on the keyboard there enough customisations for everyone.

The sound the buttons on this mouse makes are in stark comparison to the loud click of the brown switches on the Pop Keys. They are soft and smooth but still provide enough feedback to unmistakably know you pressed a button. I really loved it – I can see this being a great feel to have on a more high end mouse such as the MX Master (although I still use the OG MX Master and have not used the newer MX Master 3 — TIL that Logitech do in fact make a “silent mouse for power users”, the M590 although that doesn’t quite the superuser functionality equivalent to that of the MX Master mice).

The app specific functions of buttons can be quite handy for apps and their specific functions you use a lot, but once again, there is not enough buttons to provide more than 1 or 2 actions within an app anyway. Underneath the mouse there is the device switching button which allows the mouse to be paired to three devices at once and a quick switch to those devices with a click of that button.

The Pop Mouse is available in matching colours to the Pop Keys with a nice mixing of the various colours and accents.

Final verdict

Both the Logitech Pop Keys and Pop Mouse look fun and colourful and are certainly bound to be attractive to the target demographic. If you are big on productivity and need to complete a lot of accurate, fast typing then this keyboard is not for you. If you aren’t a fast typist anyway, don’t have to do a large volume of typing then the round, mechanical keys on the Pop Keys keyboard will not affect your output much if at all.

The customisable emoji keys are extremely handy, especially once you realise, they can be used for things other than emojis. If you do send a lot of emojis you may want to leave one of them as your most-used emoji and one as the emoji selection key but after that there are three keys left that you could customise to your liking to many functions and shortcuts.

The mouse is just a basic mouse with a customisable key — which can be an emoji selection key or anything else you want it to be. Other than that, it has the same functions as any other mouse. It is nearly entirely silent with the clicking of buttons producing a barely audible bump but there is definite feedback in the mouse form the click so you can be sure if you have clicked it or not. If you are purchasing the Pop Keys kleyboar3d why not match it with this mouse — if you are a superuser and need more functions on your mouse I dare say you would not be buying the Pop Keys keyboard anyway so neither of them are for you.

If you love a decent keyboard, don’t require a large volume of typing but love to show off to your social media followers or just like to style your office colourfully then this keyboard and mouse are for you. For school kids who like a bit of colour and need a new keyboard and mouse for school this is right up their alley.

The Logitech Pop Keys keyboard is available from all your usual retailers for RRP$129.95 and the Logitech Pop Mouse for RRP$49.95.