Not many vehicle manufacturers make infotainment units compatible with wireless Android Auto at this stage, but wireless Android Auto is in demand. Over the past couple of years there has been a few small startups that have released devices that can be used to make Android Auto wireless but most of those are only available on Kickstarter etc and not able to be scaled up to meet demand.  Overnight at CES 2022, Motorola has become the first big name in tech to reveal a working wireless Android Auto USB dongle.

The new Motorola dongle MA1 Wireless Car Adapter for Android Auto will provide a wireless connection to your car’s existing Android Auto-capable infotainment system and if you’ve never used wireless Android Auto before let me tell you that’s a big deal.  

Motorola MA1, a wireless car adapter for Android Auto. The Motorola MA1 licenses technology from Google that makes it simple for users to connect to existing USB-enabled Android Auto vehicles wirelessly, making it even easier to access preferred maps, media, and messaging apps on the car’s display. Image: PRNewswire

Using 5 GHz WiFi for wireless Android Auto for fast data transmission, the new Motorola MA1eliminates the need to plug your phone into the car to be able to enjoy and access Android Auto on your car’s infotainment system.  The new dongle is easy to set up with it being a matter of simply plugging the dongle into the Android Auto USB socket in your car and pairing your phone to the dongle. 

Each time you get into your car your phone should automatically connect to the dongle and will automatically provide wireless Android Auto, all without having to take your phone from your pocket. Sounds incredibly simple – and handy.

The new dongle supports Android 11 and up and is a small sleek design, about half the size of a credit card.  At this stage it will be available in the US only on January 30 for $89.95US but we have sent Trevor over to their booth at CES 2022 to find out local pricing and availability details.

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