One of the hardest things Covid Lockdowns have highlighted is the separation of families, the grandparents unable to see their grandkids, or parents not seeing their kids. While many would say there’s always video calling or social media, for some that’s just not the answer. That’s where the Smart Connected Photo Frame with Frameo app comes in.

For grandparents in aged care, or for those who live far from their loved ones, a picture really can tell a thousand words, and bring long lost smiles to many. This is where the Smart Connected Photo Frame from Home Life Technology comes in.

I’ve been testing this one out, and it’s super impressive – mainly because of the simplicity.

Once setup on a WiFi network the Frame is essentially part of “the cloud”. From there, all you need to do is use the Frameo app to send photos to the frame.

You can share from your own gallery on iPhone or Android, or you can send photos using the Frameo app.

There’s about 13GB of storage space on the frame, photos can be deleted, and also hidden so they don’t display automatically.

Probably the most impressive feature is the ability to send photos that will work in either portrait or landscape mode on the Frame.

When you upload the photo using the Frameo app you choose the highlighted area of the image. That area will appear in both orientations of the frame.

In the scenario where this Connected Photo Frame sits on the mantle of a grandparent, either at home or in Aged Care, access can be granted to multiple people. So several kids, or even grandkids can send photos to the frame.

As long as the Sender and the Frame are connected to the Internet, it all just works!

Images rotate on a slideshow, Videos can also be sent, and with a simple speaker inside there’s even sound.

There’s plenty of great Digital Frames out there, this doesn’t pretend to be anything more than it is, a great smart Digital Connected Photo Frame.

Available in a range of colours, and in an 8 inch or 10 inch size, the Connected Photo Frame with Frameo app connectivity comes from HomeLife Technology. A 100% Aussie company, with stock right here in Australia, and Aussie support.

Support local, and stay connected in these crazy times.

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