Less than 12 months ago the NSW Digital Drivers licence hit the 3 million user mark and now in February 2022 a new milestone looms with the Minister for Customer Service announcing 3.9 million people have opted-in for the Digital Driver licence.

With that number reaching almost 4 million, it equates to 70% of people using the advanced digital option of the proof of licence and ID in NSW.

Almost 4 million or 70% of people have opted-in for the Digital Driver Licence.

Fascinatingly, the age distribution of those users is not what many might expect.

Roughly a million or more over 50’s are using the Digital Drivers licence, something that might not be expected by many, however Minister Dominello points out one key issue with this product, and that isn’t acceptance by the end user, it’s acceptance as proof of ID at venues or organisations “There are still many organisations that do not accept the DDL as proof. I will have to work harder to improve this situation.

In places like registered clubs, where the Digital Drivers Licence can be integrated using a QR code scan to sign in, over 3 million sign-ins have been registered, while the licences themselves have been pulled up and viewed over 72 million times.

Without doubt a great success, and while the Pandemic has been a terrible time for many, it has driven these rapid adoptions of digital technologies like the Drivers Licence in the Service NSW app, alongside things like digital wallet payments.