Smart home, smart lights, app controlled lighting – all the buzz words you’ve been hearing for a while, and they are all the rage here at Integrate 2015 – the Audio Visual Show being held in Melbourne.  Walking the show floor I came across a familiar product, but a brand I’d not heard of – YeeLight


The concept is simple really.  Bulbs or Light-strips.  Both simply connect to power, and on comes a Bluetooth chip in the light, you can then download an app for your smartphone to control that light.

What’s great about this product is the simplicity.  You can buy just one bulb, (Screw or Bayonet too!) put it into a light socket and power it on.  Install the free App and you’re in control.

Other high-end systems require a “starter pack” which has a base station in it, in this case you are directly connecting to the bulb or light strip.

Great for the kids rooms, they can control the lights with an iPod Touch perhaps.

Control the brightness, colour – you name it.


Bulbs are $59.95, while the light strips are $69.96 – both can be bought online with YeeLight hoping to get some retail distribution soon.

Primarily, the big difference between this and more expensive systems is the local nature of the connectivity.  There is no external connection so they cannot be controlled from outside your own Bluetooth range, or be integrated into smart-home automation, but for many thats exactly what you want!


Great simple gift for Dad, or a fun addition to the kids room or home theater.