The next time I go to the dentist and she asks if I’ve been flossing, I can straight up say yes without a twinge on my conscience now that the Philips Sonicare Power Flosser 7000 has joined my daily dental routine. 

Announced at CES last year, the Power Flosser 7000 is the higher end model selling in Australia, with the Power Flosser 3000 also available in stores though with a few less options and a cheaper $229 price tag.

Priced at $269, the Philips Sonicare Power Flosser 7000 offers features like gum massage and additional tips on top of the Quad Stream technology used to shoot water between your teeth clearing any debris.

I’ve previously used a battery powered WaterPik branded water flosser, but was keen to check out the Philips model which has more options, power and of course the QuadStream technology on their nozzles. 

I’ve been using the Philips Power Flosser 7000 for a month and here’s how it went.

Setup and Use

Setup is simple, the unit comes with everything you need, including the unit itself, nozzles (with travel case), power supply and of course a user manual.

Power Flosser 7000 contents

The hose and wand are pre-attached, so it’s a simple matter of plugging in the power, filling the water tank and selecting either the Quad Stream or Comfort nozzles – you get two of each – and then turning it on. 

Quadstream Nozzle

I used both the comfort nozzle which simply shoots a nice pointed stream between your teeth – handy for any annoying bits you need to dislodge. The Quadstream nozzle became my everyday go to nozzle though. The Quadstream nozzle splits the stream into four wide streams letting you get between teeth and along your gums covering a lot of area quickly, while still giving you an overall great clean.

The flossing wand is attached with a coiled hose which retracts well back to the base unit and attaches magnetically to the base unit for storage when you’re finished using it. There’s no floppy hoses or cables here.

The very first time you turn on the Power Flosser there is a slight delay as water is drawn in from the external reservoir into the pump – so be prepared for a slight pause as it gets itself ready.

Once the pump is primed, you’ll need to check out the dial and switch on the front of the Power Flosser 7000 which lets you control functions of the unit. 

You can select from one of four modes: Clean, Deep Clean, Sensitive and Gum Care. It is recommended you cycle through the modes. The Clean is your everyday mode, while deep clean pulses water for a thorough cleaning. For anyone with sensitive gums, the Sensitive mode is gentler, and the Gum care mode is worth a look for a soothing clean which feels nice.

10 intensities and 4 modes

The intensity dial controls the output speed of the Power Flosser which goes from 1-10 (Sorry Spinal Tap fans). You initiate the flow of water from the flosser wand itself with a thumb switch letting you easily start or stop the flow as required. 

If you haven’t used a water based flossing gadget before, they can take a little getting used to. Essentially, a lot of water is going to be going into your mouth at high-ish pressure…and that water has to go somewhere eventually – so make sure you do it near a sink.

In terms of power, Philips says the Power Flosser is up to 2x more effective than string flossing, and it’s easy to see why when you use it The Power Flosser is capable of passing a lot of water through the nozzle between your teeth, depending on the power setting on the dial. 

If you haven’t used a water flosser previously I’d recommend you start at ‘One’ and move up from there as you get used to the whole process. The thumb control on the wand helps you control the process extremely well, so if you feel overwhelmed you can simply stop the flow at any time.

Wand Control

Portable vs Powered and Cleaning

No two ways about it, powered is awesome. I’ve found other water flossers to be slightly underpowered when it comes to dislodging unwanted food, but the Philips simply powered right through – at least it did when I dialled it up.

The clean is excellent, though can get a little uncomfortable on the higher power settings. The water pressure was never uncomfortable, it was just a higher volume of water to deal with as you ramp up power – and it certainly cleans very well.

You do have to consider that as a powered unit, the Power Flosser will need to sit out on your bathroom vanity, so make sure you have some room spare – and a spare power point. It’s also not terribly portable, but it is going to offer the best quality clean.

Should you buy it?

This is a premium teeth cleaning experience really and that fresh, clean feel after a brush and a floss can’t be denied.

There’s no substantive difference in terms of the unit itself when it comes to choosing between the 3000 and 7000 models besides the nozzles provided so if you want either you’ll get a great water flossing option.

If you’ve ever toyed with the idea of a water flosser, the Philips Power Flosser range are definitely the ones to look at. As a mains powered unit offering gradients of power easily tuned with the dial, as well as the different modes, the Philips Power Flosser offers that little bit extra when it comes to your dental care, it certainly feels cleaner.

You should definitely check these out and you can find the Philips Power Flosser range online through Amazon, or through Myer, Shaver Shop, Bing Lee and of course Philips online.