Along with plenty of other news yesterday, including a new iPhone, new iPad, new Macs, Silicon and even Major League Baseball rights, Apple quietly announced that it has landed a new documentary about the life and career of Lewis Hamilton.

No matter who you support in F1, or if you’re not even across Formula One, Lewis Hamilton is one of the greatest sportsmen in history. And arguably the greatest Formula One driver ever.

The documentary features full access to Hamilton and the Mercedes AMG F1 team on and off the track, as well as an all-star cast of guest interviews.

Let’s not expect a totally warts and all look though, as Hamilton himself is a producer of the documentary, alongside Penni Thow, Box to Box films and One Community.

It will be directed by Matt Kay.

It’s not Apple’s only dip into sports docos with a doco on Magic Johnson also coming soon.

No word on just when we’ll see the Lewis Hamilton documentary on Apple TV+