“We’ve got an exciting new product we’d love you to try” – not an uncommon text or email to get here at EFTM. And when it’s from RØDE well we know it’s going to be good, so we always say yes.

When the box arrives and you open up – you’re expecting a new microphone, something cool for video recording, or maybe an innovation in their Wireless Go series.

This time, something very very new, Headphones.

The RØDE NTH-100 are a professional over-ear headphone design for studio editors, announcers, producers, videographers, pretty much anyone who knows or uses RØDE products. But they could also be much much more, because frankly they are awesome.

I pulled them out of the box, and first and foremost was blown away by the 2.4m cable, which can be plugged into either ear cup.

RØDE CEO Damien Wilson says “The NTH-100s are the culmination of decades of passion and immersion in audio,”

We developed these headphones from the ground up with avid attention to every detail and an obsession with perfection, and we are incredibly proud of the outcome. It is with absolute confidence that I say the NTH-100s are the best in their class. If you’re a creator looking for
your first headphones or a seasoned professional still on the hunt for the perfect cans, your search is over

Designed and made here in Australia, they feature some very simple features that make them worthy of consideration for many.

Firstly, FitLok – this is the locking system Rode has included on the head band that allows you to adjust the size and fit, but importantly to lock it in place. So every time you pick them up – they just fit.

I think also the strong headband and FitLok combined ensure they fit well for an extended period. Not slipping in size, and the strength of the headband helps keep them from pushing in on the side of your head. Instead, they just sit there.

The earcup has a memory foam cushion which allows for great noise isolation, but also a comfortable fit for extended periods.

But it’s inside those ear-cups where the real magic is.

RØDE engineers have used custom-matched drivers to deliver what they call an “incredibly accurate frequency response and low distortion”, and it does.

I felt at all times like I was getting a level of clarity I’m not used to, and I’ve used some expensive headphones.

Clarity is the best way to describe the overall sound performance here, Neutral doesn’t even do it justice as strange as that seems.

In a podcasting environment, I’ve loved these for the last month. At times, I’ve even plugged them into my phone for music, and that too is a great experience, though not at all the target market here.

There’s no Bluetooth, there’s no noise cancelling – because these aren’t for walking down the street or listening on the bus.

The Rode NTH-100 is a pro level headphone, for studio or video pros.

After a week listening, I began to worry – how much will these cost? $599? $699? I think they could justify that. But in reality, that’s not the space where RØDE plays.

Nope, these are $249. And at that price, you’re committing a crime by owning them. It’s theft. Any radio announcer, producer, podcaster or recording studio will know they’re getting value when you hear them.