Kogan Mobile has become the first independent mobile operator to offer eSIM activation to customers in Australia in what could spark a big change in the mobile market.

Telstra, Optus and Vodafone have been offering eSIM options to customers for some time, we’ve tested all three and it’s a seamless and frankly fantastic experience, both signing up and switching phones.

However, until now only network owned telcos like Felix (TPG/Vodafone) and GoMo (Optus) have offered eSIMs for customers.

Right now, Kogan Mobile is offering eSIMs to customers meaning there’s no more waiting for the SIM card to arrive in the post, or ducking out to the local 7/11 to grab one.

You can simply order a Kogan Mobile eSIM online and then within minutes a QR code will be sent to you via email.

On your mobile device, in my case I tested this with an iPhone, I simply went into settings, chose Mobile then ADD MOBILE PLAN.

Here you scan the QR code and go through the process of confirming the QR PIN, giving the line a name and then setting up which SIM is used for your calls and which for texts.

If you are ONLY using the eSIM then it’s even easier.

Once setup, with Kogan Mobile you simply choose a data plan online, be it a monthly, or 12 month plan, and add that to your plan via a voucher code online.

It was all very simple, and from the first email with the QR code to my service being active it was around 15 minutes. Simple stuff!

A game changer in the mobile space, because it means Kogan can essentially target those looking for a quick change – looking to switch carriers, take advantage of a new offer or deal, and there’s no waiting time during which one might change ones mind!!

Switching carriers has never been easier, so – time to find a great mobile deal!

Just be careful, and ensure you purchase the Kogan Mobile eSIM not a standard SIM, both cost $2. (Hey Ruslan, shouldn’t the eSIM be cheaper? $1 maybe?)