The Apple AirTag may well be Apple’s most underrated product. In part because of the negativity thrust apon them from launch, and also as a result the lack of hype Apple has given them – but trust me, they are an almost daily part of my life.

AirTags are simple little devices about the size of a 20 or 50c coin. Inside is a battery which powers a Bluetooth radio which allows the little dot to constantly transmit it’s unique code.

That code is then “heard” by ANY Apple product, be it an iPhone, Laptop or iPad, and those Apple devices that “hear” its code can report it’s location back to the owner.

Apple can’t see the location of devices, only the device owner can.

But the power here is what you attach it to. I’ve got AirTags on all the keys in our home, the car keys, office keys, spare keys you name it.

Plus, I have Apple AirTags in each of my bags of luggage when I travel.

Last year, I put an AirTag into an expensive TV which was being shipped interstate and was able to keep a decent eye on its location at periodic intervals.

How’s this for a story though, long time EFTM reader Graham told the EFTM Man Cave that he was able to use AirTags to recover stolen property!

Graham tells of travelling in the Flinders Ranges in South Australia, when he noticed that someone had broken into his car and stolen several items.

The thief took Graham’s Wallet, his Sony RX10 camera, his Laptop, GoPro camera and a bunch of smaller items.

Frustrated, Graham then realised both his Laptop bag and Camera had AirTags attached.

Once he opened the Find My app he was able to track down the missing items to a room in a hotel. Management at the hotel assisted, and found someone had been stealing from parked cars at the hotel, and the Police are now dealing with the alleged offender.

Bottom line, as Graham says “Big tick on the AirTags from me!!

A $45 item saved $10,000 worth of headaches for Graham.

Apple AirTags are on sale at Apple, and Bing Lee – though other retailers still seem unwilling to sell them with no listing for them at JB HiFi and “out of stock” notice at Harvey Norman.

My Advice, by a pack of four for $149 – grab some keyring and other attachment holders and give yourself a touch more peace of mind in an instant!