There’s nothing more frustrating to me than seeing someone with a Dashcam on their windscreen but the cable powering it just dangling down to the centre console, so I wanted to show you how easy it is to install a Dashcam yourself and hide the cables like a pro!

I’ve chosen the latest Uniden dashcam here, the Uniden iGO Cam 90R which offers a streamlined design to the front camera while using the standard 12V power outlet in your car.

Of course, it is possible to get your dashcam professionally installed, even getting an optional “hard wire kit” which allows the camera to be powered from your fuse box. But, for most people, the expense of the Dashcam is the limit, so self-installation is the key.

For me, there are a few important factors to your dashcam installation.

Where to place a Dashcam on your Windscreen

Your dashcam attaches to the windscreen with a durable double sided tape. Test and hold your dashcam in place and check your view through the windscreen from the drivers seat.

You do not want to obstruct your view – that’s critical.

A dashcam is best placed in the centre of the windscreen, under the spot where your rear-view mirror attaches. You may want to hide it behind the mirror in the case of dashcams without a screen, for those with a screen a spot lower, or to the left or right will allow you to see those on-screen warnings.

How to hide a Dashcam wire

This is the bit most people give up on, deciding to just dangle the power wire down from the windscreen to the centre console. It’s ugly.

Take the time to hide that wire- it’s easier than you think.

Firstly, from the camera to the left side of the car, you can tuck the wire into your headliner. A soft grip on the headliner at the windscreen and you’ll discover it can be wiggled down to slide the wire in – this is the easiest part of the process in most cars.

From the side of the windscreen come around the very top of the A-pillar and down the inside of the frame where the door closes in on. Down the door you can use the rubber liner – pull it open, and push the cable in, in many cases you can push it right in. At the top of the A-Pillar do not tuck any more than a few mm so as not to interfere with the airbag deployment. If this is a worry for you – head for a professional installation!

When you get down to the bottom of the door frame, look for a way in, either down under the glove-box or simply under the floor mat.

How does a Dashcam work?

Dashcams will capture the fools on the road around you, but most importantly any incident that might occur.

A dashcam is always recording. With a high-speed SD card inside them, they record in blocks, say 5 minutes at a time. The newest video overwrites the oldest one, so you are continuously recording.

Each dashcam has a button you can push as the driver or passenger to SAVE the current clip, you use this when you witness something on the road, this is how DashCam owners Australia gets so much content.

But a dashcam is also smart – and can detect shock movement, using a G-Force sensor if you have an accident your camera will save and lock the footage recording at that time.

Great peace of mind on the road, especially if you’ve got a new car!