Are you a Top Gun fan? Looking forward to the new Top Gun coming out later this month? Well the team at Laser have a great giveaway running that you’ve gotta get into.

It’s simple, buy ANY Laser product from now until May 31 and head to their website to enter for your chance to win.

The prizes are epic too.

First prize wins a Collectors edition Maverick helmet, one of 50 I’m told, as well as a $5,000 adrenaline voucher so you can take a fighter jet ride for yourself.

Runners up – and there will be 101 of them – receive a Top Gun merchandise pack featuring a jacket, cap and duffle bag! Pretty awesome stuff.

Almost $15,000 worth of prizes.

Tom Cruise returns to Top Gun on May 26 in Cinemas right across Australia and I don’t think there’s been too many movies with this much hype in a long time.

So, off you go, head to Big W or

Buy a USB-C Cable, or an iPhone cable, heck, buy a Transistor radio – doesn’t matter, each one qualifies as a purchase! (Buy them on separate transactions and each one gets you an entry in the draw!)