I’ve been playing Codemasters renditions of the F1 game for around 5 years now and recently I’ve gotten a lot more into it and a lot better at it and I have gone into the modes deeper and more than I have before.

But now a new era and new game are upon us and I have been lucky enough to have spent some time playing the new game and I can share more about what this game has to offer us fans and viewers who want to have a more immersive feel of racing at high speeds around the best circuits in the world.

New Era

With the arrival of the new regulations in Formula 1 this year the cars look, act, and feel like a new breed. This translates perfectly into the game as the handling, cars and tyre model have all been changed and remodelled to adjust to the new era of cars. This remodelling causes the cars to spin and over/understeer more often so countering for it will be an important skill very soon. Not only do the cars act differently but they look very different. With their more rounded and curved edges, they look a lot smoother and more straight forward.

Track changes

With many tracks deciding to adjust their layout for closer and better racing, Codemasters have had to adjust their game to match the official tracks. Tracks such as Australia, Spain, and Abu Dhabi have already sported their new track layouts in Formula One but in F1 22 those new track layouts can be raced on. Another new addition was the brand new street circuit in Miami was developed for this game and ever since the announcement of this game has starred on every post about the game. The circuit itself is magnificent to drive and is a stunning track overall, but the way they have made it just adds that little touch of realism to it. The attention to detail on many things such as the Hardrock stadium and the surrounding city.

F1 Life

F1 Life is one of the big new features in this game as it has never been in any past game and has been well integrated into this game. To shorten this down a few words, it’s a place to show off all your fashion, cars, accessories and trophies in one place. You can buy and customise your character’s clothing and fashion accessories with an online presence. The F1 Life Hub is your custom lobby that other players can visit and explore. This is also what you load into when you open the game so you want it to look nice. You can also earn and unlock supercars and display them in your hub.


The supercars are the coolest feature in this game. The supercars are all from the teams on the grid, which include Aston Martin, Mercedes, Mclaren, and Ferrari. You will also be able to have both the Aston Martin and Mercedes safety cars in the time trial and Pirelli hot lap mode. The Way you can drive these supercars is through the time trial mode and the Pirelli hot laps mode, which can be accessed prior to quali in my team and career mode as well as in the single-player menu. These supercars are unlocked using tokens (Supercars tokens) and are unlocked by completing certain tasks and milestones.

Immersive features

The one feature that will make this game even closer to real-life than ever before is the immersive features. These immersive features include the grid slot and pitlane with the option to skip the safety car period for a broadcast mode a possible option. The grid slot option allows you to drive the car up to the grid slot and stop at the perfect position and if you go over that mark you will be sent back further than what you would like.

The benefits of this are that you can point the car over to a different side of the grid and also you can go closer than you would if you were to select the broadcast mode. The same goes for the pit stops, except you just have to press a button the select the right time to turn in and the closer you get it to perfect the faster the pitstop time will be. The alternative to these is to select broadcast mode which allows you to see the formation lap and/or the pit stops as if you were watching the race from home with Crofty still commentating during this period.

Should you get F1 22

If you are like me and have enjoyed the previous rendition this is almost certainly an instant download with all the new features appealing to me I think you would be crazy to not download it. If you were on the fence about it you may enjoy those newer features or you may just enjoy the whole new world outside the fast racing or maybe its just the supercars that make you want to download this game. Whatever it may be, this game is certainly one to have a look at as it is definitely one of Codemaster’s best renditions yet. The champions edition is available from today while the base edition is available on July 1st