Well after Telstra rolled out 5G for Boost and other low-cost telcos on their network, it seems there’s good news for those on the TPG/Vodafone network’s MVNO carriers.

Customers on Kogan Mobile and Lebara might start to see 5G pop up on their phone right now.

It’s not everyone though.

On Kogan, you need to be on their bigger value plans – Large and Extra Large, while on Lebara it’s similar though theirs are called Medium, Large, Extra Large and XXL.

In addition, 5G will be available to TPG and iiNet customers on their Large and Extra Large plans, so it’s a big boost in numbers for 5G on the TPG network.

The trail access will be available until October 26, unless they choose to extend it further, which, as we’ve said before is a hard thing not to do – you can’t give and then take (as much as you’re entitled to!) because people will complain.

There’s three things that will mean you’re going to get 5G now on these carriers.

First, be on the right plan (more details below). Second, have a 5G capable phone. And third, be in a 5G coverage area, which frankly TPG/Vodafone has in droves. While their speeds may not be lightning, it seems to me TPG is in this for the coverage and network stability, rather than a speed contest – but we’ll see.

On Kogan, you the following plans are on the 5G Trial:

  • Large 365 Days – $270/365 days
  • Extra Large 365 Days – $300/365 days
  • Large 365 Flex – $270/365 days
  • Extra Large 365 Flex – $300/365 days
  • Extra Large – 12 months ($40/month)

For Lebara customers, mobile plans included in the 5G trial are:

  • $29.90 Medium 30 Day plan
  • $39.90 Large 30 Day plan
  • $49.90 Extra Large 30 Day plan
  • $69.90 XXL 30 Day plan
  • $80 Medium 90 Day plan
  • $140 Medium 180 Day plan
  • $250 Medium 360 Day plan
  • $105 Large 90 Day plan
  • $180 Large 180 Day plan
  • $300 Large 360 Day plan

TPG mobile plans included in the 5G trial until end of October are:

  • $30 per month Large SIM Only plan
  • $40 per month Extra Large SIM Only plan

And finally, iiNet mobile plans included in the 5G trial:

  • $29.99 per month Large SIM Only Plan
  • $39.99 per month Extra Large SIM Only Plan

Happy speedtesting:)