The transformation of the beast of a business that is Facebook into a broader beast that is Meta continues with Mark Zuckerberg today announcing the creation of Meta Accounts which essentially means you can use Meta products without having a Facebook account if you choose.

Today this is all about the Meta Oculus Quest, which until today if you wanted to get one and get it going you needed a Facebook account to get in and use the services, apps and such.

A “Meta Horizon profile” will be your social profile which you customise to show how you appear in Virtual Reality.

Friends will be shifted to a new “Followers” structure just like Instagram is today.

But of course, you can choose to link a Facebook account to your Meta Horizon profile too – if you choose.

It’s a really simple announcement, but a smart one to ensure that these genuinely future product concepts from what was Facebook, can be established without the perception that it’s all “Facebook” doing it.

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