The upcoming Sony Playstation VR gen 2 (PS VR2) has been teasing VR fans since it was first announced by Sony in February last year. We’ve seen what the headset and controllers will look like, and today Sony is sharing more on the user experience for the headset.

The PS VR2 will include a number of new features over the 1st gen, with one of the biggest being ‘See through View’ which uses the on-board cameras to let you see what’s going on around you or find your controllers without removing the headset.

The pass-through view will be easily accessible, with a function button located on the headset or by selecting the See-through view Card in the Control Centre.

The Control Centre will also include a card for room mapping, letting you use the PS VR2 Sense controllers and on-board cameras to scan the room, and then expand the borders to the edge of furniture letting you really customise your play area.

Sony says that once you get close to one of the boundaries you set in your room, you’ll receive a warning to avoid any stubbed toes. You can also set up another area if you move to a different room.

The PSVR2 will include both VR Mode, letting you enjoy virtual environments in 360° at 4000×2400 resolution in HDR with a 90/120Hz frame rate – as well as Cinematic Mode. Cinematic Mode will give users an easier way to interact with the PS5 System and UI on a virtual Cinema screen, with content still showing up at FullHD resolution at 24/60Hz, or up to 120Hz.

If you’re into streaming, or recording yourself in VR, Sony is here for this offering the option to plug in the PS5 HD Camera to the console. This will give streamers – or anyone – a way to share how it looks when you attack a boss, or ust capture the fun movements you see when someone plays in VR.

There are already a load of games announced for PSVR2 including Horizon Call of the Mountain, Resident Evil 8, and my personal favourite: No Man’s Sky plus loads more. Sony will be announcing more games for the new platform, and of course when we’ll see PS VR2 released soon.