I may have found the perfect watch. By that I mean I love watches, traditional ones, but as a gadget lover I also love what smart watches bring to the table. However, the balance between the two has been hard to find.

The Apple Watch is the biggest selling watch in the world, and therefore is the best selling Smartwatch also, by some way. And it is great. But I prefer a classic watch look.

Which is why I’m such a fan of the TAG Connected – with the latest generation offering far better battery life, the classic watch look with a full-screen smartwatch interface.

The problem there is the battery life. One day maybe two. That’s what you get from a TAG, or an Apple Watch – because it’s a big SCREEN you’re powering all day.

Withings Scanwatches take a vastly different approach. They look like a normal watch – an analogue watch, because they are. Hands that turn, numbers around the outside that are part of the face or bezel.

But there’s a small black circle on each one, which when activated, is a screen that allows you to access the digital information this smartwatch is holding.

Underneath the hood it’s more advanced than most other watches and on par if not more than most smart watches. Heart rate monitoring, ECG capabilities, Blood Oxygen level checking as well as steps, elevation, workout tracking and more.

Having an ECG in a classic looking watch like this is just mind-blowing.

But the real key to this new Horizon Scanwatch is the bold metal design. Moving into Rolex/TAG design territory, a full metal watch with a bold striking bezel and a blue (or green) colour tone – it’s seriously one of the better looking watches I’ve worn.

The best part – and I mean this, over and above all the amazing features and design, is that because it’s got a metal-link band, you’ll need to re-size it. There is a resizing kit in the box. A little hammer, the stand you need and all the bits it takes to remove links, and fit the watch to your wrist. Seriously, brilliant – I’ve bought lots of metal link watches over the years, never have they had a kit like this built in. (I’ve got so many I bought a kit like this on Amazon once!). In the box is also a silicon rubber wrist strap if that’s your preference, with an easy swap mechanism so you can use both!

Ok, so best part being a link fitting kit is a stretch, because the true best part is actually Battery life. At one point I thought the battery monitor was wrong, it showed 100% for so long, but I have mine setup to do regular heart rate checks, and to show the screen when I look at the watch. Even with those turned on, I’m getting EASILY three weeks of battery life. Easily.

10 ATM water resistance means your swimming and water sports are AOK, and can be part of the workout tracking too.

Notifications appear on the watch and the hour and minute hands will turn instantly out of the way if they’re blocking the screen too.

Seriously, it looks stunning, it’s eye catching, and no serious lover of watches will be at all disappointed with the styling. But add to that the smart capabilities, even if you just choose to do step tracking and sleep tracking – it’s a winner.

The ScanWatch Horizon from Withings is $699.99 and goes on sale next week, you can pre-order at JB Hi-Fi