It’s widely known by now that Netflix plans to introduce an ad-supported subscription tier in a bid to boost revenue and keep Wall St happy. EFTM can reveal that the package in Australia will include several types of ads that won’t be skippable.

Unlike YouTube and many online video platforms, the ads on Netflix will not have a “Skip” button, meaning viewers will be required to watch them start to finish before they get into, or resume their content.

Netflix is shopping their network of subscribers to Ad Agencies in Australia, and one source inside a local agency told EFTM the plan will include 15 and 30 second ads which will be offered up before shows (Pre-roll) and during shows (mid-roll).

Plans are well underway for the launch, which could happen as soon as November 1 in Australia according to our sources.

To be clear, the ad-supported subscription will be in addition to the existing plans – if you’re happy paying what you are, you won’t ever need to see ads.

The big question is, how much will they charge?

Will you pay less and put up with ads? Or will you sign up for the first time because it’s cheaper?

If you’ve got info about Netflix’s ad supported plans in Australia – get in touch.