Digital radio has been around Australia since 2009 and has seen quite a slow start. However 2018 was supposedly an enormous year for the latest radio innovation since FM – boasting upwards of 930,000 new digital radios in circulation.

For the uninitiated, a significant majority of both AM and FM radio stations have dedicated digital radio stations as well. Which means you could well be listening to your favourite show in a higher quality than you’ve ever experienced.

The latest statistics put out by the Commercial Radio Australia claim that 30% of the population over the age of 10 listened to DAB+ each week in 2018. That’s a supposed 4.73 million people… which is up from 3.62 million the previous year. Huge numbers for the growing industry.

Another really nice statistic is that 65% of all new cars were fitted with DAB radios in 2019, which is debatebly the biggest factor involved in ensuring the success of the platform. 745,000 of the 930,000 new radios installed were into vehicles.

The Bush Heritage Retro Digital Radio

Here at EFTM we’re huge supporters of DAB. Some of our all time great reviews include the JBL DAB Tuner and the retro BUSH digital radio. Regardless of your opinion of Digital vs AM vs FM, there’s no denying the quality and inevitability of DAB.