Most people have heard of Anker and their charging products but how many have heard of AnkerWork? Very few I dare say and that is most likely because until now they have not had an official presence in Australia and our market.

AnkerWork focus their efforts on a hybrid work experience with some great pieces of hardware. To celebrate their arrival in Australia AnkerWork are highlighting two new products in their range, the all-in-one video conferencing bar, the B600 and the premium video conferencing headset, the PowerConf H700. Both products, and more, are available today from Harvey Norman or the Australian AnkerWork website.

PowerConf H700

The AnkerWork PowerConf H700 is a conferencing headset designed to deliver crystal-clear conference calls in even the noisiest environments thanks to its AI-enhanced noise reduction (VoiceShield Technology) and hybrid ANC.

The big advantage here is that there are no garbled messages with accurate records of conversations possible. Records? I hear you ask. Yes, the PowerConf H700 has in integrated call recording and transcription service. During a call audio can be recorded to an attached computer using AnkerWork’s software (compatible with Windows and macOS). It can then be retrieved later and transcribed into text.

Currently the PowerConf H700 transcription service supports English, Chinese and Japanese. Customers will receive 1,000 minutes of transcription service upon purchase of the PowerConf H700 but have the option to purchase additional time as required.

Using the wireless dongle, the PowerConf H700 can be connected to a PC or Mac or to a mobile device using Bluetooth and works seamlessly with Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, Facetime, WebEx, GoToMeeting and more.

The ANC can be customised using the computer software or the mobile app. Other features include Smart Mute by raising the boom mic or lifting the ear cup off the ear, multipoint connection to allow you to connect the headset to two devices at a time, all-day battery life (21 hours of ANC talk time) and an indicator light on the boom mic to indicate an incoming call.

The AnkerWork PowerConf H700 is available for purchase today at Harvey Norman stores in Australia at AUD $299.

AnkerWork B600 Video Conferencing Bar

The AnkerWork B600 is more than just a webcam. It is a four-in-one “remote communication and collaboration video bar” designed to minimise desk clutter, distracting sounds and poor lighting during meetings.

To achieve this the AnkerWork B600 incorporates a 2K conference camera, an intelligent noise reduction microphone array, high quality speakers and built-in automated lighting. Not only this but it easily mounts on any external monitor, away from your desktop.

“The hybrid work model is here to stay and for people to stay connected with their colleagues, they have to look at investing in multiple conferencing solutions – lights, mics, cameras and more,” said Gaspar Xie, Head of Sales & Operations at Anker ANZ. “The B600 is the first all-in-one video conferencing bar to offer a true plug and play studio experience. It makes everyone look and sound more professional while removing excess clutter in the workspace.”

The 2K video camera includes much-needed features such as auto-focus, field-of-view adjustments and image enhancement to deliver high-quality video from any location.

AnkerWork has also included VoiceRadar, their intelligent vocal radar technology that uses four mics to “detect, isolate and enhance the user’s voice audio from different directions.” This technology will work with most video conferencing platforms to provide crystal-clear audio in any location.

The lighting uses AnkerWork’s MagicSight intelligent lighting technology to compensate for any lighting inadequacies in the home office. It analyses facial lighting through the 2K camera and calculates the lighting requirements and uses the built-in LED bar to achieve this lighting. The AnkerWork app can be used to also adjust the brightness and colour temperature to your preferences. The light panel also has the purpose of a physical shield to cover the camera when not in use adding that piece-of-mind privacy.

The AnkerWork B600 is available for purchase today at Harvey Norman stores in Australia at a price of AUD $499.