Oh now this is a doozy! Not the most expensive prize in our 31 days, but perhaps the most sought after. We’re not giving away a PS5. We’re not giving away an Xbox – we’re giving away the chance to CHOOSE which console you want!

You enter, and if you win, we’ll ask you a simple question – do you want a PS5 or an Xbox Series X!

Whatever you choose, we’ll head to The Gamesmen and buy it for you!

You’ve gotta love that!

So it doesn’t matter if you’re a Forza Fan or a Gran Tourismo, Halo or Ratchet and Clank lover – you get to choose.

If you’ve got an Xbox – get a PS5, we’ll sort it for you.

Each day’s giveaway is a whole new competition, so you have to enter on that day to be in the running for that prize! But, it’s not a requirement that you enter every single day’s prize – up to you which ones or how many you enter! So – get the EFTM app, get your EFTM ID on the Win Page in the app then enter below!

For your chance to win:

  1. Download the EFTM App for Android or iPhone
  2. Register for an EFTMID on the WIN page
  3. Enter your EFTM ID in the form below.
  4. That’s it!

Our winner, and we’ll let you know which one they choose – is Darren Currie from NSW! GAME ON Darren!

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