Shhhh, don’t tell anyone, but this is our biggest prize of the 31 days, the highest value and frankly, one of our absolute Favourites! Netgear’s very latest technology in their Orbi mesh WiFi system for your home.

This router and two satellite pack will offer up top speed WiFi to every corner of your home. Read our full review for more info.

There are capabilities built into this router that we’ve not seen before, like a great separate IoT network for your smart home things – this means lots more devices connected seamlessly.

Plus there are in-build security and parental control features and most importantly – high speed WiFi!

Each day’s giveaway is a whole new competition, so you have to enter on that day to be in the running for that prize! But, it’s not a requirement that you enter every single day’s prize – up to you which ones or how many you enter! So – get the EFTM app, get your EFTM ID on the Win Page in the app then enter below!

For your chance to win:

  1. Download the EFTM App for Android or iPhone
  2. Register for an EFTMID on the WIN page
  3. Enter your EFTM ID in the form below.
  4. That’s it!

And the ORBI Winner is Denise Taylor from WA – Congrats Denise!

Entries have closed sorry!

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