Everyone knows FedEx and almost all of us have gotten parcels delivered from them which also means you’re getting those notifications too. now FedEx is turning to WhatsApp for customer notifications and updates.

With WhatsApp now so big it’s something you can’t ignore – over 2 billion active users, and in Australia and New Zealand around 40% of all people use it!

If you’re expecting a parcel, you can received a WhatsApp notification from the moment the shipment is picked up, and because FedEx will be a verified account the messages will be clear and trusted, this means less scams using the FedEx brand, and it will teach people to ignore random messages and WhatsApps that are business related if they are not from a Verified account.

Directly in the WhatsApp chat window you will be able to check on tracking status, as well as setup any re-direct options with the click of a button.

“We continuously strive to enhance our services to make our solutions more accessible and useful while adding value and supporting the growth of local businesses”, said Peter Langley, Vice President of FedEx Express Australasia. “The integration is another important step in continuous augmentation of our service suites to better support making business easier and deliveries more manageable for customers within this dynamic region.”

It’s also cheaper for FedEx, given SMS messages have a carriage cost, so it’s a win-win for FedEx and consumers.