After the very public break up of EA and Fifa, EA has released the final of their FIFA franchise games with FIFA 23. With Kylian Mbappé and Aussie Sam Kerr starring as the cover stars of this game, is it as good as EA and the fans wanted?

FIFA has always been known as an EA game, with game modes like FIFA Ultimate Team, club game modes, and careers being their main advertising points.

FIFA Ultimate Team, better known as FUT, is clearly EA’s main focus with it being the game mode with the least bugs. The interface is a lot more understandable after a short amount of time which is good for newer or less experienced players. For those very experienced and hardcore football players it still has that feel for those looking to really be intricate in their positioning.

The in game graphics have been boosted and have that nice attention too detail with many of the players being the most realistic they have ever been. The game also has a new feature called Hypermotion 2 which allows for realistic movement from the players during the game which allows slides, tackles and skills to look just that much better.

The in game physics are really good, with tackles being very realistic in their physics and strictness of penalties. The goals can be a bit off sometimes with some badly rated keepers being unable to save anything in the box, and if your striker gets through the defence and has a clear shot it will very easily be in the back of the net.

The UI in all game modes can take a second or two to change and feels very clunky at times, which for many gams is understandable, but for EA you would expect it to be just that slight bit more professional. The actual UI does have the very modern and sporty feel which I do like but wish the focus was moron usability rather than looks.

The addition of Ted Lasso is AMZAING, and as a Ted Lasso fan I have obviously put Ted as my manager with the AFC Richmond logo to accompany my team. It is nice that they include things like this to allow them to have the very fun, theatrical side for those who don’t want to be pro.

This addition is also good for the future of EA SPORTS FC as they may have to do things like this instead of having the actual teams and players.

Overall a game with great new features adding to the FIFA experience with the very nice imaginary flair to it, but with a few bugs it might not of been the best case scenario but still a good game, with hardcore gamers enjoying the same same but different game that they know and love, and those newcomers and less intense players enjoying those fictional addition and fun additions. Not a bad game but not the perfect last hoorah for FIFA an EA.

You can get FIFA 23 for $79.95 for Playstation and Xbox, with the Series X and S version of the game at $89.95