How’s this for the most ridiculous decision ever. German airline Lufthansa is reportedly banning Apple Airtags from checked baggage. Yep, they’re categorising a device with a CR2032 battery in the same manner as portable batteries and the like.

A Lufthansa spokesperson told German media outlet Watson that “Baggage trackers belong to the category of portable electronic devices and are therefore subject to the dangerous goods regulations for carriage in airplanes issued by the International Civil Aviation Organization. Accordingly, due to their transmission function, the trackers must be used similarly to cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc. during the flight if they are in checked baggage.”

Essentially, Lufthansa is saying you need AirTags to be put into some sort of Airplane mode. That’s just not possible, the only way to disable the Bluetooth broadcasting function of the Airtag is to remove the battery. Doing so will of course remove the entire purpose of the device.

Of all the things in the baggage hold to be worried about, an Apple AirTag isn’t it.

Now it could be seen that Lufthansa is simply following the letter of the rules re electronic devices and transmission in checked baggage.

But it could also be seen that Lufthansa is sick of hearing from people with lost luggage telling them they know full-well where it is, and rallying Lufthansa to lift their game.

Apple AirTags are simply the best travel gadget you’ll find. From touchdown to your bag appearing on the baggage carosel can be a good 30 minute wait, and the best peace of mind I’ve had in my travels since the AirTag came out is opening your FindMy app to see that your bags are in fact in the same airport as you, then you can relax and just wait.