Medibank is describing their recent cyber attack as a distressing development as the company continues to work with the AFP and seemingly keep in touch with the attacker to investigate just what data has been obtained from their systems.

As investigations continue, it can now be revealed that Medibank has now sighted 1,100 customer records, which include personal and health claim information.

However, the company says it’s still “too soon” to determine just how much data has been stolen.

In reality, we’re at a place now where every Medibank customer must assume they are affected, and consider how the release of this personal information might affect them.

It’s for that reason Medibank is offering 24/7 Mental Health and Wellbeing support.

“Our customers can also speak to Medibank’s experienced and qualified mental health professionals 24/7 over the phone for advice or support around mental health or wellbeing (1800 644 325).”

The company is also putting on hold any premium increases until early 2023.

Medibank is urging its customers to be vigilant about email, text and phone calls that are suspicious or have a call to action in them, and is keeping information available on their website or via the phone

CEO David Koczkar says “I unreservedly apologise to our customers who have been the victims of this serious crime.

“As we continue to uncover the breadth and gravity of this crime, we recognise that these developments will be distressing for our customers, our people and the community – as it is to me.

“This is a malicious attack that has been committed by criminals with a view of causing maximum fear and damage, especially to the most vulnerable members of our community.

“We continue to work closely with the agencies of the Federal Government, including the ongoing criminal investigation into this matter. We thank them for their ongoing support and assistance.”