Electric car company Polestar has revealed their next EV the Polestar 3 – an impressive looking SUV model set to be priced in Australia at around $135,000 with solid range and great space.

With 380kW of power and 910Nm of torque, it’s going to be a very different SUV for many people! But with a 111kWh battery it’s also looking like having 610km of range and that’s going to be well received in market.

A 14.5 inch centre screen is an evolution of what Polestar did with the Polestar 2, also running Android Automotive OS this is a solid bit of tech from top to bottom.

On the outside, well, the designers have outdone themselves. If you thought the KIA EV6 looked nice, this one’s a stunner. And all around it are aerodynamic elements designed to reduce drag and turbulent wake, with aero wings and blades it’s like they’ve got an F1 designer into the team.

Launching as a Dual motor model, there’s some hope a slightly more affordable single motor version, but don’t hold your breath.

9 Airbags for safety along with a host of other advanced safety systems, and a 2200kg towing capacity means this could well be a great little road-tripper.

It’s all luxury here too, signalling Polestars clear intent in the auto market – Bowers and Wilkins sound, Dolby Atmos, a choice of interior finishes – it looks stunning.

The Polestar 3 will be built in two facilities, in China and in South Carolina – no word yet on which factory will supply Australia once the US one is up and running in late 2024.

You can register your interest now, if $135,000 doesn’t scare you off, plus there’s the Performance pack for a but more grunt (6,600 Euro) – Don’t clear space in the driveway yet though, we’re not expecting deliveries until 2024!