Xbox has always had many options for all types of gamers and the newest Elite controller is a cheap alternative for those gamers who want an elite experience at a better price. The Series 2 – Core was released recently and we got our hands on it to try it out to find all the newest and best features.

Early last month the Core version of the series 2 elite controllers was announced as a cheaper alternative. The core is a more stripped-down version of the series 2 with the extras such as the customizable thumbsticks, back paddels, and extra D-pad all being taken from the box at base purchase.

The paddels, d-pad, thumbsticks, a charging block, and a case are available for purchase for $79.95 allowing for those features to still be used for those who would like them.

The core still gives you the trigger hair customization, in-built grips, thumbstick tension customizer, and even the customisable LED Xbox button with the whole colour spectrum available to use and customise to your liking.

The in-built controller grips make the feel of the controller so much more premium. With a less plasticky feel than the normal controllers with the metal paddels giving it that extra sense of premium build. The charging block included in the Complete components pack allows me to end my gaming session with a very easy lock-in charging dock allowing for the controller to be fully charged the next time it is used. The Xbox button also has a more premium feel with the change from a very unique push to a click when pressed.

The controller also features a 3-profile quick switcher on the front. The button has 3 little LED lights to indicate which profile you’re using. For our use all three profiles are the different kids with our options of the many customisable features like button mapping and paddel mapping, the LED Xbox button colour, and the trigger hair all changing to our desires.

The Xbox Elite Series 2 – Core is a premium controller on a much more affordable scale with the Core coming in at $189.95 AUD.