While it’s not available in Australia, Arlo’s latest US product is a fascinating glimse into a future smart connected world where devices can really become a whole of home security offering for more than just peace of mind.

Arlo Home Security is just a couple of hundred dollars in the US and features a central keypad and a range of sensors for doors and or windows, plus a remarkable 24/7 professional monitoring service.

It really does remind me of the original security systems we saw 15 odd years ago with motion sensors and a back to base alarm – just way smarter.

The system is a big leap forward from then, with solid design and engineering creating better looking products, sleeker products that just work.

Monitoring walls, windows, doors, under the sink, water heaters so you’ve got everything from motion detection, water leak alerts or even lighting changes monitored.

From break-ins to fires and water leaks, homeowners are faced with a litany of daily security threats that take a toll on their peace of mind,” said Tim Johnston, SVP of Product at Arlo. “We designed the Home Security System to not only simplify installation but also level up the smart home security experience. Our comprehensive All-in-One multi-sensor, combined with the multi-functional Keypad Sensor Hub that also doubles as a motion detector, works in tandem with our new 24/7 Professional Monitoring service and Emergency Response to arm users with the most advanced solution for protecting everything they love.” 

The idea of a simple central hub to arm and disarm provides easy “off-app” access to the system, while there’s also things like 4G Backup and power backup too.

What will be really interesting is how much of this will come to Australia.

We have very strict rules in Australia around the marketing of “Security” products, but if it’s done right, this kind of system at the very least will provide powerful insights and real-time information for home owners, if a 24/7 monitoring service (based on a subscription we assume) can be incorporated, it will be a complete game-changer.

For those of us with Arlo cameras, you know the power of “seeing” what’s happening and the intelligence of smart alerts. Taking that to the next level with window, door and other sensors in the one app – really awesome stuff.

No word on Aussie availability, but we’re confident the Aussie team is working hard to bring as much of this system’s capabilities to Australia