Flying to Europe most often requires a stopover in one of a few places on the way there from Australia. Many of our stopovers are in Dubai and now for those of you who like to game there is something to kill time on what can often be a mind-numbing number of hours — a gaming lounge.

Dubai International has now opened Game Space in the heart of DXB Family Zone at B Gates in Terminal 3. The lounge includes 40 game stations, each with a 50-inch screen and side-by-side seating for multiplayer gaming. The gaming offered is extensive with both PC and console gaming included providing something for everyone.

Half of the gaming stations include hardware provided by ROG (Asus’ gaming sub-brand). Each ROG gaming station includes a PC with ROG motherboard, ROG 2K 240 Hz monitor, a high-resolution ROG headset, an RGB mechanical ROG keyboard, a high-precision ROG mouse, and an ergonomic ROG gaming chair for ultimate comfort.

Not all games are available but most of the more popular ones are included such as Fortnite, League of Legends, Gran Turismo 7 and Crash Bandicoot offering gaming options for everyone from first-time gamers to seasoned gamers.

Game Space will be open 24 hours with food and drinks available. As you would expect using Game Space does come with a fee. Priority Pass, the world’s largest independent airport lounge and experiences program will also provide game time for their members. Other card membership programmes will soon be available at the space.

Next time you have a long layover in Dubai why not head over to Game Space and kill some time gaming on one of their ROG PCs or on one of their included consoles. The time would surely pass a lot faster.